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Coach Leather Accessories Utilizes QC Software

Coach has emerged as Americas preeminent designer, producer, and marketer of fine leather accessories and gifts. As slice of a major routine elevate in which the facilitys former WMS was being replaced with Manhattan & Associates PkMS, Coach obligatory a bright WCS procedure that could interface their new WMS to their fashionable conveyor way The WCS needed to be able to efficiently route outbound orders to various glean locations as requested by PkMS Prior to shipping the cartons are conveyed over an in-line area for rule verification Cartons that are not within the specified weight tolerance are directed by the WCS to a spurn succession for manual inspection. To offices the manifest requirements of PkMS, the WCS transmits divert confirmation messages in real-time back to PkMS

Coach Leather Accessories Utilizes QC Software

Coach Leather Accessories Utilizes QC Software

Coach is utilizing the QC Navigator module of the QC Enterprise system. When compared with the original supplier’s solution, QC Navigator was unshakable to be a revise solution, providing twice the functionality at half the charge When Coach essential supplementary concrete direction tools, once again the QC Navigator proved to be the most cost-effective gloss as compared to the WMS. The principal highlight of this installation was that it was integrated and debugged fully without QC Software’s cudgel on-site. With the QC Enterprise extensive debug tools, Coach was able to integrate the way themselves with limited remote backing from QC Software Coach was so buoyant in the QC Enterprise key that the blessing point that QC Software’s engineer’s arrived on site was the night before “go-live”!

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In 2006 Coach expanded its bent and was juicy able to reconfigure QC Navigator to switch the expansion

QC Software is the paramount provider of Tier 1 warehouse control systems to the warehousing and distribution industries. Since 1996, QC Software, utilizing state of the art technology combined with wholesale research, development, and rigorous testing, has developed the QC Enterprise suite of products Designed to be modular in nature, soft configurable, and platform independent, this highly scalable solution satisfies the needs of any size warehouse

The solutions provided by QC Software ( enables companies to streamline their warehouse operations with the lowest total payment of ownership in the industry ensuring increased corporate profitability With a commitment to weight customer pleasure QC Software is the obvious option for warehouse control, decree management, and catalogue rule needs.

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