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Details of HTC Touch Cruise

Details of HTC Touch Cruise

The wheel is quite twin to the globe integrated intothe HP keypad but HTC has done a much change work with it. This is not only moreintuitive but besides fresh natural, so receiving used to the Cruise takes no instance atall HTC Touch Cruise comes in Black Sapphire and is a additional pattern ofHTC commitment to innovation and to building a suite of perceive screen devicesthat cater to a variety of customer needs and styles

Details of HTC Touch Cruise

Details of HTC Touch Cruise

The HTCTouch Cruise is existing discharge in the belt and is moreof a PDA than a smart phone, as is evident by the scarcity of a keypad

With a title like Touch Cruise expect the HTC to be smoothand manageable to use and on both counts, the HTC delivers The model of the deviceis dominated by a mammoth 2.8″ LCD and logical under this sit four buttons anda bill master wheel The wheel is tolerably corresponding to the circle integratedinto the HP keypad but HTC has done a much renovate venture with it With the HP,once you had highlighted what you were after, you retain to play your fingerelsewhere on the keypad to execute it

With the Touch Cruise however, a single button sits at thecenter of the wheel and it this button that you obtain to hit to lob or run aprogram or feature. This is not only supplementary intuitive but besides other natural, sogetting used to the Cruise takes no circumstance at all

The Touch provides crisp, pronounced voice quality, as do all theother devices in this exam and we found the gadget salvo life was quitedecent, the phone worked diligently for halfway four days after being fullycharged

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Stylish and sleek in design, the HTC Touch Cruise comes inBlack Sapphire and is a more model of HTC commitment to innovationand to building a suite of endure screen devices that cater to a variety ofcustomer needs and styles The HTC Home screen provides one endure access toemails, text messages, plan appointments and contacts as well as currentweather conditions and forecasts for many cities around the world. The new TouchCruise boasts of super hasty HSDPA connectivity plus WiFi and Bluetooth, makingit a highly connected engine for consumers on the move Its 2.8″ screen isgreat for enjoying walking multimedia and because it runs on Windows Mobile 6Professional, the built in Windows Media Player is prototype for harmonization and movies


OS provided: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional

Installed RAM: 128 MB

Processor: QUALCOMM 400 MHzMSM7200

The good: The HTC Touch Cruise features integrated GPS andcomes preloaded with Tom-tom guidance software The Windows Mobile 6Smartphone further has Bluetooth, WiFi, and 3G support

The bottom line: While the integrated GPS and Tom navigationsoftware makes the HTC Touch Cruise uncommonly enticing, there are some limitations,not to quote a colossal emolument chit that rotten us off to the Smartphone For moredetails www.phoneandbeyondcom