August 10, 2022

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More Faith And Strength Are Collected to Cheer for Athletes of China

Adidas, in this year, held the unshackle ceremony, which was avowed as the “Julong Ring”. Its purpose was to amass more faith and firmness to cheer for Chinese athletes The circumstance not only carried the sports fantasy of many people, but moreover reflected the Chinese glory

More Faith And Strength Are Collected to Cheer for Athletes of China

In Beijing’s Sanlitun, there held the discharge ceremony of the “Julong Ring” on July 17, 2012. This activity aimed at collecting the 1.3 billion’s family of the dragon’s faith and fastness Afterwards; it is going to try its peak to cheer the athletes of China on In the report ceremony of Adidas’s “Julong Ring”, many Adidas’s brand spokesmen all took allowance in it, such as Fan Bingbing and Yaochen who were international stars, Zhang Zilin who was one of the Miss World, Tianliang who was the old international protector of diving as well as Zhao Ruirui and Yang Hao who were former players of the totality volleyballAs for some society celebrities, they all made positive passion to this christen at the alike time. In decree to start additional people to put on the “Julong Ring” of Adidas, they all adopted the hands-on means In this year’s summer, you can not only cheer for athletes of China, but further can experience boundless sports’ intense emotions. As for its inspiration, it stemmed from the totem, which stood for the tightness of China, and then the solemn color of the public flag was its adornment The “Julong Ring” of Adidas puncture the loading of millions upon millions people’s sports dram as well as our Chinese glory After another four-year expectation, we cede tenon all forces together tightly What’s more, the new anticipation of the pluck of a higher kudos is going to be opened.Adidas Group’s managing manager in China called Mr Colin Currie said: “For additional than eighty years, Adidas always adhere to provide the most advanced products, services and motif philosophies for the world’s prime athletes” And the helped them go beyond one after another peaks The “Julong Ring” this vision carrier has been specially created by us for the purpose of meeting customers in China It was expected that in this summer, we can activity together with all connections to aid Chinese athletes Furthermore, it cede be our reverie for them to obtain the prime on sports. When “Julong Ring” was launched, Adidas started the 360-degree marketing activity, which was called “put whole efforts so that the dragon can move” at the equivalent timeFrom now until August 12, Adidas leave freely provide customers with “Julong Ring” in appointed retail outlets nationwide If you login the www.chinaisallincom website and input the serial unit inside the “Julong Ring”, and then you can procure the opportunity to participate in sketch a tombola Moreover, you can keep the opportunity to win harmonious sports equipments that bequeath be sent by Adidas. There further cede be “drive dragons to move” and further activities at the same point If you need to know more details, you can visit the afafir website On the one hand, Adidas collected all powers to keep athletes from China, and on the further hand, Adidas adopted this practice to provide those folks with concern and helping hands .

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